About No Boundaries

The national No Boundaries collaboration is an ongoing Transportation Pooled Fund study, TPF-5 (330), led by the Ohio Department of Transportation. The member agencies are committed to continuous innovation in roadway maintenance practices and management through a variety of technology transfer activities:

  • Identifying new and better equipment, materials and procedures such as these maintenance practices from member states.
  • Facilitating demonstration and information exchange among member agencies on priority roadway maintenance topics.
  • Developing marketing plans and communication materials for selected ready-to-deploy innovations and technologies.
  • Training staff in the use of new equipment and procedures through in-person and online courses, videos and webinars.
  • Creating an online database where maintenance innovations developed across the country can be identified and accessed.

No Boundaries’ aggressive program of technology transfer and information sharing offers a cost-effective and timely response to the many challenges facing state and local roadway maintenance personnel.

No Boundaries is a complement to, not a replacement for, peer discussions that take place at such venues as the AASTHO Subcommittee on Maintenance or the APWA. No Boundaries is also building on the peer exchanges sponsored by the Maintenance Peer Network, a joint initiative of AASHTO, the Federal Highway Administration and three private-sector associations.

To become a member of No Boundaries see How to Participate. Note: No Boundaries does not address winter highway maintenance challenges, which are the focus of the Clear Roads pooled fund – TPF-5(218).

Upcoming Events

Technical Advisory Committee teleconference
November 9, 2015

Technical Advisory Committee face-to-face meeting
St. Louis, Missouri
December 10-11, 2015